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Two Backgrounds--One Faith

In the mid-1800’s, there were two groups that had settled the Le Sueur area. One group came directly from Germany and were Lutheran by background and persuasion.  Another group came from the New Knoxville, Ohio, area and were Reformed in doctrine and faith.  Because of their common German background and a deep-rooted desire for church unity, these early settlers labored hard to create one church that would satisfy the spiritual needs of both groups.  The result was an “evangelical congregation” in which both the Lutheran and Reformed doctrines were recognized with the individual church member having the right of conscience and interpretation where they differed.

History Timeline

September, 1868--The "Birth" of Zion Church by virtue of its First Baptism (see First Baptisms, right)

1869--The Zion Congregation was formally established as a member of the, then, Evangelical Synod of the West.
1870--First church and parsonage were built on 2nd Street in Le Sueur and first occupied by the Rev. C. Hauck.
1879--The Rev. George Eyrich became minister.
1883--The Church was enlarged.
1893-- Land was purchased from H. H. Kattmann, Sr. and his wife, Christine, and a new church was built on Risedorph and 3rd Streets.
1897--The Rev. Gustav Sturm became minister.

 1901--The Rev. George Eyrich returned as minister.
1907--A New parsonage was purchased on Risedorph and second Streets.
1916--The Rev. Edwin Arends became minister. Services in English were only occasionally conducted over the next 10 years.
1919--The Zion Congregation celebrates its 50th Anniversary.
1924--The Rev. Otto Muecke became minister.
1931--Voted to have an English service every Sunday and German only at some special times.
1934--The Evangelical Synod of North American and the Reformed Church in the United States united to form the Evangelical and Reformed Church.
1942--The Rev. George Low became minister.
1944--The Rev. Krueger became minister. A new constitution was adopted.

 1950--The Rev. Ernest Klaudt became minister. Two Sunday morning worship services were initiated because of growing membership.
1957--The United Church of Christ was established out of a merger of four groups:  Two Congregational Church branches, the Evangelical Synod of North America, and the Reformed Church of the United States.
1956--Current, new church was dedicated; cost approximately $320,000.

1959--Rev. Marvin P. Lehmann became minister.
1960--Many families from the congregation of Salem-Tyrone and St. Paul’s Dresselville joined Zion.
1969--The Church celebrated its 100th Anniversary
1970--Rev. John Heinl became minister.
1975--Rev. Vernon Clausing became minister.
1983--Rev. Frances Blumenfeld  (Associate Pastor)
1984--Rev. Robert Broeder became minister.
1994--Rev. Lauran Heidenriech  (Associate Pastor)

1997-- Rev. Barb Lindeman called as visitation pastor

2008--Rev. Ken Ribe--Interim Pastor
2010--Rev. Beth Benson became minister.
2012--Rev. Jean Sider called as visitation pastor

2013-Rev. Kent A. Meyer, Ph,D Senior Pastor

2018 - Rev. Rosemary Rocha, Visitation Pastor

2022 - Rev Rosemary Rocha, Interim Pastor