"No matter who you are or where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here."


Worship - a Celebration of Spirit

At Zion, we provide many opportunities for worship throughout the days, weeks, and seasons of the year. Each Sunday we hold two services to best suit the needs of our family of members. We provide elements of sharing, inspiration, and upliftment that each may celebrate the Spirit of God and the Love of Jesus Christ in his/her own way. 


Our Mission is to dedicate our time, talents, and resources to creating and maintaining Zion Church as a Christian community eternally celebrating God's love.

We continually seek understanding and knowledge of God and God's love as lived in Jesus Christ and plan and prepare, always, to share God's love with all people.


Our Vision for Zion Church is that we continually evolve as a vibrant congregation that nurtures its youth, its members, and the community through prayer, commitment, and service.