"No matter who you are or where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here."


"God gives the seed the body he wants it to have. He gives a different kind of body to every kind of seed." 1 Corinthians 15:38

Zion Church is a remarkable partnership of people of all ages, working together, knit by God into a unique expression of the body of Christ.


We share our gifts of time and talent as a way to worship--and finding fellowship in learning and sharing. What kind of "seed' would you enjoy sharing with the Zion community?


Do you like to work with numbers and appreciate the pathways of finance? Our Investment committee works to "multiply the loaves and fishes" of our financial life.


If gathering friends and neighbors into warm, inviting settings is your passion, you might like to serve on our Fellowship committee--dedicated to providing inviting social settings.


Helping others learn and grow is a special service. You may want to assist in the library, teach Sunday School, or serve on the Christian Education committee.


If you have a love of history and preserving items and stories from the past, the Historical committee could use your talents.  Sharing the past with the present generation provides a vital link within the Zion community.


Helping those with ideas and inspirations to bring them forth to improve and advance the Zion community is critical in these days of great change and opportunity. If your passion is assisting with growth and development, several groups would benefit from your talents.


We believe visual beauty is a very necessary element to Spritual worship and experience. From attending to the Alter elements to providing centerpieces for community feasts, a love of creating beauty is a great gift of Love.


Sounds of beauty are also an important worship element. Joining the choir or bell choir or helping with provisions for music throughout the year can be a beautifully rewarding gift of service.


If your "seed gift" of love extends to the children of our Zion family, your treasure of teaching Sunday School will be a blessing that extends far beyond the current generation. Or, you may want to serve on the Scholarship committee, assisting high school-age students with college plans.

Worship Assistants

Be part of the warm and friendly team that makes Zion Church a special place!  God calls all of us to use the abilities we have to help create a welcoming community of faith.  We need communion servers, ushers, and greeters, door-keepers, and Scripture readers.  There are plenty of people who can show what to do.  Sign up sheets are on the volunteer table by the front entrance.  Your participation is much appreciated.