Our Life Together

We believe that choosing to be a Christian means that you are choosing to be a Disciple. When you choose to be a Disciple, following and embracing the teachings of Jesus Christ are the natural result. Jesus invited his followers to join Him when he called them, “Come and See, Come and Follow me, Come and be with me, Remain in me.” (Luke 9:23)

Music for Worship

At Zion Church, our life as a congregation flows out of our worship services. Our Music Ministry is dedicated to providing music for worship that helps set a very important atmosphere. With dedicated, worshipful music, we, as God’s people, can enter into our worship with heart, and soul, and mind. From the beginning prelude to the ending postlude and the hymns and special music offerings in between, music leads us to higher and finer levels in our worship of God.

Visiting Friends

Members of the Visiting Friends Team meet every quarter to review the names of people on our home bound list. The team divides the list, and each member visits a few people once a month. In addition, the Visiting Friends often make phone calls or send cards and notes. This is a wonderful group to be a part of, and we welcome any who would like to join us!

Prayer Partners

For a number of years, Zion has organized an intentional program for members to pray for one another. Volunteers are asked to pray for a specific list of members of the church. In this way, every member is lfted up in prayer each day, and the person praying finds new purpose and energy in their prayer life.

Service Activities

“God gives the seed the body He wants it to have. He gives a different kind of body to every kind of seed.” – 1 Corinthians 15:38

Zion Church is a remarkable partnership of people of all ages, working together, knot by God into a unique expression of the Body of Christ. We share our gifts of time and talent as a way to worship — and finding fellowship in learning and sharing.

Men’s and Women’s Breakfast

Our care and enjoyment of each other isn’t limited to Sunday in church! For many years, members have gathered each month to socialize, catch up, laugh together and support each other. The Men’s Breakfast and Women’s Breakfast take place on the second Wednesday of the month from 8:00-9:00 am at Luke’s Diner, 203 Main Street, Le Sueur MN. 

Women’s Circle

The long-standing Ruth Circle women’s group offers many opportunities for faith formation in a smaller setting. The group shares worship together and engages in small group discussions of religious and social issues.


Zion Herald

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